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  • Welcome! My name is Jenny Lindley and I have spent the past five years growing small businesses. In the past couple years, I have also begun to enjoy working with schools. I love to design and program websites! The look on a client's face when I have designed not only what they want but more than they had envisioned is the greatest reward.

    I worked for small companies for almost 20 years before I began my own business. I appreciate and respect the difficulties small business owners face. Running your business or institution is challenging; a strong, relevant website is a necessity.

    When you are regularly interacting with the general public, a whole new set of challenges arise. My job is to stop the phone from ringing with questions that should be found on your website! You have too many other things to accomplish. I am able to help through not only dedication and experience but also a true love for what I do. I never planned to grow so fast, but I enjoy every client. I am just lucky that they happened to ask for my help.

  • Unlike many website designers and programmers, I am trained in business. My degree is from the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, one of the top two business schools in the country. When I look at your business, I consider the demographics and psychographics of your clients as well as the competition you face.

    I took on web design while working for a small company who was paying ridiculous fees for an outside vendor to make even the smallest change. When I decided to stay at home with my first child, things really took off. I have yet to advertise or look for clients. All my work is word of mouth. I understand your business is directly affected by having your most current information online. I update information fast and sometimes in odd situations on my iPhone or iPad, which I have and will do.

    I never use templates and only use WordPress if you need a blog. I like everything from scratch. It gives me the freedom to create anything and everything you need. I have the capability for you to have static or dynamic pages, forms, stores and online payment processes, as well as online calendars.

  • Pine Lake Preparatory

    Pine Lake Preparatory Pine Lake Preparatory is a Charter School in Mooresville, NC and my newest project. I am thrilled they tracked me down, and we completed this project in four weeks. The leadership team is amazing, and I continue to enjoy working with them.

    This is a large website and required such things as an internal search engine, accordion menus, and creative site navigation so that both the public and parents can easily find what they need. I maintain this very fluid site as the school grows and flourishes.

    Tempo! Music Therapy Services

    Tempo! Music TherapyI have been working on Tempo!'s websites for over four years. The owner, Angela Guerriero, is a true forward thinker, and by putting our minds together, we have increased her business by 100% per year.

    I am about to embark on a complete redesign of her website. The company and technology have come so far in the last four years. It's time to start over. Check in on Tempo! toward the end of the year to see the new look and functionality.

    Kaleidoscope Foundation

    Kaleidoscope FoundationKaleidoscope is the non-profit organization responsible for raising capital funds for Pine Lake. Run by volunteer parents who are also business professionals, they have recently raised the money to build a new fine arts building and Athletic Community Center.

    Kaleidoscope has many plans for the future of this school. They dream big and make those dreams come true.

    Chris Butcher Fine Art

    Chris Butcher Fine ArtChris Butcher is an artist in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She has been a painter for most of her adult life and has become more dedicated to her work since being introduced to the medium of colored pencil.

    This is the only site I have designed that I have not centered on a screen. I wanted to display the art pieces singularly in a column so they can be easily admired.

    Visions Hair Design

    Visions Hair DesignVisions is a leading Aveda concept salon. This Mother/Daughter team has a very loyal clientel sometimes spanning generations. All stock photos had to come directly from Aveda, which required me to deal directly with the company in the search to find photos that I could blend together. I also enjoyed writing the copy in the boxes of each section and designing their logo.

    J. Craig Currie & Associates

    J. Craig Currie & AssociatesCraig Currie is a busy attorney in downtown Philadelphia. He has been in business for over twenty years and is a great client.

    I created a logo for Craig as well as his website. Not long after the website was developed, Craig decided to take on a blog. He has been an avid bloger through the wordpress blog I created for him.

    Children's House Montessori School

    Children's House Montessori SchoolI can't say enough about this fabulous school. The headmistress, teacher, and parents became a huge part of our lives. Though you are unable to access the area, each teacher posts what the children have been doing in their class weekly.

    I reprogrammed the site based on a prexisting design. I was key in changing the way they communicated with parents. I learned a lot about schools through Children's House and am grateful.

    New Jersey Association of Music Therapy

    New Jersey Association of Music TherapyThis was a project I did many years ago. Music Therapy has become a big and competitive industry in the United States. It is a business I originally knew nothing about, and in a twist of fate, my sister is becoming a music therapist.

    The New Jersey Association for Music Therapy supports the profession and practitioners of music therapy to promote access to quality professional music therapy services for the citizens of New Jersey.

    Cody's Foundation

    Cody's FoundationCody's Foundation is a non-profit organization that began in August of 1997. They bring aid to abused, abandoned, and neglected children in different African regions. They have completed some amazing projects that we will be showcasing

    This is the only time I have attempted red. The red of the heart in their logo is the reason behind it.

    What the Future Holds...

    The redesign of Tempo! is an exciting project that like all my projects will teach me so many new skills. Cody's Foundation is also an ongoing project.

    I do hope to make a rainy day project out of a couple of sites. The sun just has to stop beating down! I started this for a little something to do on the side to keep my mind busy, and through word of mouth and simple dumb luck, client after client has come knocking. My skills as a designer and programmer grow with each project because I dream it, design it, and then figure out how to bring it to fruition. Who knows where I will go from here, but I am excited to find out.

    After the Tempo! redesign, I think I could use a break til the start of 2014. Why do I not think that will happen?

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