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  • About Me

    My name is Jenny Lindley, and I have spent the past six years growing my small businesses by helping other small businesses improve their web presence by creating a professional, easy to find, and navigable website for them. I pull from my years of marketing experience on both the client and agency sides. My degree is from the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce, one of the top business schools in the country. While there, I was immersed in their award winning advertising/marketing program.

    Over the past 20 years, I have only worked for small companies of under 50 employees, and sometimes only three or four. I have seen first-hand how it works when there is no employee doing the web work.

    During my last job as a marketing manager, before I became a stay-at-home mom, I learned to program their website. The fees that were being charged to make the smallest changes were exorbitant. I couldn't believe it, and that is how this all started. I have found some amazing clients to work with over the years. I have always received either word of mouth clients or the desperate people I come across who have nowhere to turn when things have gone very wrong. I must say I love saving the day. It is a great perk to knowing web programming. Whether you are a new business starting out, need an updated website, or need some immediate, I am here for you!

  • How I am very different..

    There are a few different ways websites are created in today's economy.:

    - WordPress and similar pre-packaged templates continue to become more and more popular. More and more freelancers are available to whip out one of these template sites.

    - A website can be delivered for a lower price. Often still using a prefabricated template of some sort that has been created by a person or company.

    - You can pay a little more for a truly customized website.

    However, please, please, ask about what it will cost to make any changes and what the costs are associated with any problems you may have or help you may need. This is where the whole ball game changes. Usually websites come with maintenance charges which are usually $50-$150/hr with a minimum of one hour.

    This is where I will stand out. Yes, my websites are truly customized. Also, because I have business experience and training, I look at your competition before designing your website. My advertising and marketing experience also affords me the advantage of knowing how people respond to the smallest things as fonts, capitalization, and color contrast. Those are mistakes I see a lot.

    I start with your website on paper and then create a mockup in Photoshop so you can approve what it will look like. Yes, I have to figure out something new every time but that's part of the fun.

    Even though all of this is going on, my delivery time is excellent and customer service unparalleled. I am available 24/7 if something really goes wrong, and I don't charge for changes! Unless your changes will take me more than three hours, it's free. I do this because I have seen how much those back end fees surprise and hurt small business owners, and I only work with small business owners.

  • Save A Life Group

    Save A Life GroupWhat a joy this new project has brought to me. Save A Life Group is an amazing charity commited to the education and awareness of the need for organ donors.

    I have designed and programmed this new website as well as a seperate mobile friendly version. I have also been able to assist them in creating brochures to give out at events. Gary Simmons, the founder, has been truly insperational and has offered me some new challenges that have helped me grow as a programmer.

    Tempo! Music Therapy Services

    Tempo! Music TherapyI have been working on Tempo!'s websites for over four years. The owner, Angela Guerriero, is a true forward thinker, and by putting our minds together, we have increased her business by 100% per year.

    I have just redesigned this site and merged four sites into one. This was quite a challenge to make sure it is navigable.

    Within this site there are seven registration forms, a product store, and payment for locations in two states. This site is very exciting, and I hope you look around.

    Pine Lake Preparatory

    Pine Lake Preparatory Pine Lake Preparatory is a Charter School in Mooresville, NC and my newest project. I am thrilled they tracked me down, and we completed this project in four weeks. The leadership team is amazing, and I continue to enjoy working with them.

    This is a large website and required such things as an internal search engine, accordion menus, and creative site navigation so that both the public and parents can easily find what they need. I maintain this very fluid site as the school grows and flourishes.

    Chris Butcher Fine Art

    Chris Butcher Fine ArtChris Butcher is an artist in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She has been a painter for most of her adult life and has become more dedicated to her work since being introduced to the medium of colored pencil.

    This is the only site I have designed that I have not centered on a screen. I wanted to display the art pieces singularly in a column so they can be easily admired.

    Visions Hair Design

    Visions Hair DesignVisions is a leading Aveda concept salon. This Mother/Daughter team has a very loyal clientel sometimes spanning generations. All stock photos had to come directly from Aveda, which required me to deal directly with the company in the search to find photos that I could blend together. I also enjoyed writing the copy in the boxes of each section and designing their logo.

    J. Craig Currie & Associates

    J. Craig Currie & AssociatesCraig Currie is a busy attorney in downtown Philadelphia. He has been in business for over twenty years and is a great client.

    I created a logo for Craig as well as his website. Not long after the website was developed, Craig decided to take on a blog. He has been an avid bloger through the wordpress blog I created for him.

    What the Future Holds...

    After the process of reprogramming Tempo! into the large site it is now, I have taken a nice break. Doing some pro-bono work and taking a moment to spend more time with my children over the summer. I'm ready to plunge back in now. I'm really excited about the coming months and the new clients I will have the privilege of working with.

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